Monday, December 10, 2012

David Luce talked to us about Pyramids!

In Egypt, the pyramids had a square base pyramid with a pointed top.

    David built a scale model of a Pyramid in our the foyer!

    • 14 school houses tall
    • Mostly solid.
    • Tomb of the pyramid represents how powerful Pharaoh thought he was
    • stone was 50 miles down river
    • wheel had not been invented
    • we do not really know how the egyptians got the stones up the side of the pyramids!
    • took 23 years to build
    • 2.3 million blocks... needed to lay 3 stones an hour to get this completed.
    • not slaves, pharaoh fed them well.

  • 21 buses for the length of the base.

Sahara Desert... under which is rock! Good thing!