Monday, December 10, 2012

Notes from Teresa Davis' visit with the Third and Fourth Graders

5000 began years ago!!!
Ancient Egypt ended just 2000 years ago.
Powerful civilization for 3000 years


        • Ocean - Atlantic
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Nile runs north
  • Snow in the mountains
  • Nile floods, but it is welcome... it would leave behind rich black dirt for crops
  • The rest of Egypt is like a desert.
  • Lived in the east, tombs in the west
  • 9 million people live in Cairo
  • 130 pyramids on the west side of the Nile

Daily Life
  • Senate
  • Painted all the good things in their life and painted their tombs to take these good things with them in the afterlife
  • Only wealthy people went to school
  • Children had a lot of responsibility
  • Scribes went to school
  • Children became apprentices
  • Fathers taught sons trades and crafts.
  • Girls could learn at home, but could not go to school
  • There were some Pharaohs, doctors, leaders... but they learned this all at home
  • Almost no crime. If you did something bad, Egyptians believed your heart would be very heavy. Your heart was weighted against the feather of Maat... needed to be light!


  • bread
  • figs
  • pomegranates (magical)
  • honey (bee keepers)
  • lots of fish
  • small mammals
  • beef, goats, sheep
  • camels and chickens came later in the civilization
  • every day they ate hard, chewy, crunchy bread... most wore down their teeth (we learned this from the mummies)

Clothes, jewelry, makeup

  • light clothing... linen (flax plant)
  • bathed daily... liked to smell nice
  • little lumps of perfume were worn on the head during parties... to melt and scent.
  • everyone wore jewelry, but it was for protection (scarab to ward off evil)
  • beetles were considered lucky because the dung beetle is like Ra moving the sun. They also didn't understand the babies emerging from the dung ball-- magic!
  • most Egyptians shaved all their hair off, then wore wigs. They thought hair made you dirty (lice).


  • Cartouche had the name of the person on it.
  • there are hundreds of them.
  • had a way of drawing people... formula. The faces were always profile. The eye was head on, the top part of the body looking forward, the lower part in profile. All limbs hands and feet showing... because they thought these pictures would come to life in the afterlife and they wanted all their body parts!
  • Birds point in the direction the Hieroglyph should be read.

Every child was given a piece of papyrus and will create an Egyptian god to decorate our Sarcophagus.