Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teresa Davis Day 2!

Teresa Davis Day 2

Teresa started by asking what the students already knew!

People in Egypt today speak Arabic.

Greeting: (phonetically) “Salaam oo ah lay kum”
Response: “Oo ah lay kum salaam”

  • Body washed, and oiled and perfumed

  • Four main organs dried with salty ash called natron for 40 days:
    • lungs were put into a canopic jar (baboon)
    • liver (human)
    • intestines
    • stomach (jackal)
  • Brain was not important for the afterlife, so it was removed and discarded
  • Body washed and oiled again!
  • Body was stuffed with leaves or cloth to allow it to keep its shape.
  • Thirty days to wrap the body.
  • Each individual finger and toe wrapped... very particular and methodical.
  • Amulets included in the wrappings to ward off evil
  • Spells written on Papyrus to smooth the journey
  • Glue/resin sealed up the mummy.
  • One whole cloth covered whole mummy and tied with a rope.
  • A last piece of cloth was placed and the god Osiris was painted on the cloth. He was the god of the afterlife and it was his job to make sure they got there safely
  • Book of the Dead - (scrolled papyrus) sometimes wrapped with the mummy. Each book was different and written for the person who had died.
  • Mummy placed into a coffin
  • Then placed into another coffin... then into a sarcophagus.
  • It was decorated and painted

Pet Mummies
  • Funerals
  • Dancers, priests and mourners would travel from the East side of the country where people lived, to the West side of the country where the people who had died were buried.
  • The Opening of the Mouth ceremony - wanted to make sure that the person could taste and smell and see and hear in the afterlife.
    • The very last Pharaoh of Egypt was Cleopatra!
    • When pets died, they were made into mummies, too... cats, dogs, antelopes and even baboons were sent tot he afterlife with their owner.

    Egyptian Gods

    Aman Ra - sun
    Isis - magic (she used her magic to fly up to the sky)
    Cyrus - green skin, renewal and rebirth
    Set or Seth - made up animal: part anteater, part giraffe
    Anubis - jackal headed; god of the funeral; weighed the heart
    Thoth - water bird - wisdom, knowledge and writing